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Seller's Checklist

Looking to sell your home? Check out these helpful tips.

Buying a home is usually an emotional experience. Buyers make their decisions based on emotions. As a seller, you can get the competitive edge by making improvements that, first, generate emotions with potential buyers, and second, create a demand for your home. Here are some tips that we have learned throughout our experiences that could help you achieve these goals:

Why List With Us?

Listing a home is a huge step in anyone's life. Typically, it means that you are getting ready to move, which means life could get a little crazy. For that reason, our brokers work around the clock to meet your needs as a seller. Our goal is to make selling a home as simple as possible for you. When you list with Lincoln Realty, here's what we will do for you:

  • We handle all of the marketing on your home at no upfront cost to you.

  • We answer all the calls on your home ... even the late ones!

  • We handle the paperwork to protect both parties of the transaction.

  • We schedule all showings on your home.

  • We will help coordinate appointments such as appraisals, home inspections, pest inspections, etc.

  • We offer home valuations and market analyses.

  • We offer a variety of resources to help you get your home ready to show.

  • We offer free open houses for those interested.

Image by Pankaj Shah


  • Ensure all grass and plants are trimmed and well-maintained at all times while your house is on the market.

  • Ensure any garden areas are well-groomed by removing weeds.

  • Brighten up the entryway with flowers whose colors accent the color of your house.

  • Put away any outdoor toys or lawn care items (i.e. - garden hoses, wheelbarrows, shovels, etc.).

  • If you have a pool or spa, ensure it is clean before showing.

  • Make sure any decks or patios are clean and in good repair.


  • Ensure all siding is clean.

  • Clean all windows and screens to achieve maximum brightness.

  • Make sure entryway lights are in working order.

  • All patio furniture should be clean and attractively arranged.

  • All pet areas should be clean and free of odor.

  • Any concrete areas should be cleaned and cracks should be repaired.

  • Fresh paint is applied to the entryway door and trim boards (if needed).

Image by Ann Wallace
Image by Sidekix Media


  • The carpet and flooring should be clean and well-maintained (no stains on the carpet).

  • The walls should be clean and well-maintained (no missing paint or ripped wallpaper).

  • The house should have adequate ventilation.

  • Bathtubs, showers, toilets, appliances, mirrors, and windows should be spotless.

  • High-intensity light bulbs are recommended in light fixtures for maximum brightness.

  • Towel racks, handles, knobs, etc. should be attached and in working order.

  • Closets and cabinets are neatly organized and clean.

  • Any pet hair or odors are eliminated.

  • Ensure all areas are clean and free of any clutter in the garage.

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