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10 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier For Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year and what better reason to make your home extra cozy than the Holiday season? As you prepare to host family and friends, we're so excited to share our top 10 ways to "cozy up" your home for Christmas!

1) Light a candle. Pick a candle, any candle and place it within eyeshot of your guests to add some joy to your home! We suggest a scent that will remind you and our guests of the season! Scents like pumpkin, cinnamon spice, and apple are easy to find and are sure to impress!

2) Change up your throw pillows and blankets. Replace your typical cottons and linens with cozy, chunky textures like knits, velvets, and patterns like plaid. A cozy throw on the arm of a chair or throw pillows in seasonal colors create warmth by adding nice pops of color and texture without much effort.

3) Switch up your decor. Switch out your decor to seasonal scripted signs and put out some trendy Christmas decor to add a little extra color, cheer, and aesthetic appeal (read our Trending Christmas Decor Facebook post and watch our "Holiday Decor Ideas" reel on Facebook at the links below!). You can also update all your framed family photos, so that visiting relatives can see what you've been doing in the past year.

4) Draw inspiration from nature. For a low-cost, DIY decoration, head outside for some greenery, small logs, and pinecones to incorporate into your home decor! Try utilizing accents like a silver tray filled with pomegranates and candles or a wooden bowl filled with apples, scented pinecones, or ornaments and a strand of fairy lights!

5) Simplify with burlap. This year, vintage and DIY are trending, and one easy way to jump on this trend is to use burlap for a table runner or make your own burlap ribbons.

6) Add some cheer with lights. Christmas lights automatically add warmth and coziness to a room. An easy way to incorporate lights is to drape doorways and the entryway in your home with garland and twinkling lights. For added warmth, we recommend traditional white lights, but colored bulbs can add a dash of fun, too!

7) Make the guest room cozier. Make your guests feel at home during their stay in your home with a few small tweaks to your bedding! Start by swapping out cotton sheets for flannel and add a blanket between your top sheet and your comforter or duvet. Place a textured or patterned throw on the end of the bed to add some visual appeal and an added layer for your guest to grab on an especially chilly evening.

8) Incorporate metals. Another Christmas decor trend for 2022 is to incorporate metals. Mixed metal accents add a timeless elegance that works with basically every decor theme. An easy way to do this is with a metal vase, candle holders, and bells.

9) Highlight your fireplace. There's nothing cozier during the Christmas season than sitting by a crackling fire with a warm mug of hot chocolate and a comfy blanket. Highlight your fireplace by adding a strand of garland, hanging stockings, and placing family photos or lights on the mantle.

10) Bake away. Go the extra mile to help your guests feel at home by filling your home with a holiday-inspired scent — and, of course, a nice snack to enjoy afterward. Try baking some cookies, cinnamon rolls, or your family's Christmas favorites for your guests to enjoy during your time together.

Do you have any other tips for making your home feel cozy and festive? Let us know in the comments!

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